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5 summer reads to squeeze in before Fall 2010!

What should you do with the remaining month? I’m sure many of you are wrapping up your internships, UROPS, research (or maybe you’re travelling abroad). Whatever the case, you should grasp onto the tail end of summer and squeeze in some time to read up on some leisure books. Below are a few of my favorites from the summer:

1. Cheap

A very interesting look into the history and consequences of discount stores on both consumers and our economy. Did you know that Ikea’s President negotiated trade terms with the prime minister of Vietnam? Neither did I!

2. 13 Bankers

A very exact and thoughtful account of what led to the Financial Meltdown. One of the Co-authors is actually a Sloan Professor. Take a crack if you want to get down to the details on the financial meltdown.

3. The Hollywood Economist

Just another look into what you can do with your Course 14 degree…fascinating peek into the finances of the film industry and what the boxhit figures really mean.

4. Too Big To Fail

Another post-recession book. Krugman cited it during his spring talk at MIT. It’s massive, slightly daunting, and altogether holds some pretty ominous predictions for the future. However, there’s probably no other time you can tackle this monster except for the summer.

5. Delivering Happiness

This book is actually still on my reading queue. I’m trying to get to it before the start of school- it’s an account of Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos – the highly successful online retail company- and his success.

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